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Coach Education plays a pivotal role in the overall development of Spartans FC Youth, below is information about opportunities in the next few months.  In addition, we provide coach support materials available as content supplied by Spartans.

Coaching Courses and Workshops – The Scottish FA offers coaches working within the National Player pathway a number of opportunities to attend workshops on the game formats. These workshops cover the age and stage of development principles and offer practible examples of how to coach within each game format.

see the Full SFA Coaching pathway here

Children’s Pathway
1.1 Early Touches Click here for course info
1.2 Coaching Young Footballers Click here for course info
1.3 Coaching in the Game Click here for course info
Main Pathway
1.1 Development Activities Click here for course info
1.2 Coaching Footballers 13+ Click here for course info
1.3 Coaching in the Game Click here for course info

Positive Coaching Scotland gives all involved in the game the tools to develop happy, successful, confident, and respectful young people. We want our players to win, just not at all costs, and we want them to stay involved in the game through to adulthood.

The next set of these workshops will be announced in a few months.  The ones held in March 2016 had over 120 players, parents and coached attending.

Content to Support Coaches
Document Download Purpose
Spartans Creative Player Programme This provides a variety of drills from the SFA Billy King Creative Player Programme.
Homework Spartans Tool Box This is the document that supports the learning content ptovided to young players.  This includes information relating to skills homework available on the Spartans Youth Youtube channel
Spartans 1v1 Coaching Drills This provides a set of 1v1 drills building fundamental skills.
Spartans Player Assessment Form This is the standard Spartans Youth spreadsheet used to record the progress of young players with categories such as technical/tactical skills, physical skills etc
Spartans FC Youth Development Criteria This is the standard Spartans Youth spreadsheet used to mark development.
SFA Nutrition Booklet This is the official SFA booklet providing nutritional information for young players.  This covers information about food types and what and when to eat.
SFA Small Sided Games This is the official document from SFA with guidance regarding small sided games.
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 SFA Coach Education Information
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